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Our pledge of life

Life Alert is an emergency response company that is fully dedicated to providing its members with emergency response services quickly and effectively. Unlike other companies, which protect property, we protect lives.

The company has more than 26 years of experience servicing and maintaining the latest technology and patents, however, our main asset is our people. They have compassion and dedication. While many signals our monitoring station receives are not life-threatening emergencies, every case, no matter what the issue is, gets full attention and care from our staff.

The fact that we are staffed by 3 times the number of dispatchers per member than other companies, allows us to provide immediate and efficient service. This makes Life Alert the sole company that is a clear alternative to a retirement facility.

Our goal is to provide you with a peaceful and secure living.


Life Alert Employees

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We will not sell, rent, or share your information with anybody. The information you provide is sent directly to your local authorized security dealer. We will only use the information you provide in assisting you with a security system for your home.

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